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Jun Polistico Sydney Show

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JUN POLISTICO is undoubtedly the Philippines best! He will be performing in Sydney on Saturday, 22 September at Marconi Club at Bossley Club.

Dubbed as the Frank Sinatra of the Philippines, he’s the crooner with the golden voice and at par with the likes of Pilita and Kuh Ledesma. Singer, recording artist and entertainer, ever enduring Polistico continues to thrill audiences in the Philippines and around the globe. He continues to perform in hotels in the Philippines and was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the Philippine Entertainment industry ALIW Awards during their 40th anniversary.

Jun Polistico is a cut above the rest, and he simply oozes charisma as he emotes every song he sings, each note caressing as he belts out classic ballads from yesteryears as well as some of today’s top hits. He’ll make you swoon as he belts out his hit songs, “Mahiwaga” and “Sana’y Walang Wakas”. He has previously toured Australia numerous times between 1999 and 2001.

 Performing with Jun Polistico on his Sydney show are three seasoned ladies of the entertainment industry - Gina Fernandez, Nanette Ursua-Frohriep and Lalaine Lozano. These ladies are classy and absolutely sassy! Music stirs their souls! Each one has an individual style that’s distinctively their own. They will undoubtedly be rocking at Marconi Club when they headline for the Jun Polistico Show at Marconi Club in September.

Jun Polistico Sydney Show

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Jun Polistico

Jun Polistico


Jun Polistico Sydney Show

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Event Date

22nd September - 22nd September


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19:00 - 23:00

Jun Polistico Sydney Show

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Jun Polistico Sydney Show

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