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Rachel Anne sees things differently

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Rachel Anne Wolfeby Leah C. Salterio
Philippine Star, Nov. 3, 2008 
When Rachel Anne Wolfe turned her back from showbiz to start a family, she worked at being a full-time wife and mother. Based in New Jersey with her husband, Italian-American businessman John Spitaletta and four sons — Max, 16; Trevor, nine; Luke, eight and Jake, six — Rachel was happy and content raising her children and taking care of her hubby. 
“The past 10 years, I was very busy raising babies,” Rachel offers. “My focus was not on myself, but my children and my husband. Being a mom and a wife is a full-time job.”
She learned about multi-tasking in and out of the house. Her mommy duties range from driving her kids to school and taking them to their football games to tucking them to bed and cooking for them. Before she left for Manila, Rachel even made sure her boys would have Halloween costumes for the traditional trick or treat. 
Yet, at the back of her mind, Rachel missed singing. It was understandable since performing is in her genes. She is the daughter of Annie Brazil and younger sister of Richard Merk. “I thought I was retired, but I realized I wanted to go back to what I loved to do,” Rachel shares. “Singing is good therapy for me. It’s an outlet.” 
In 2006, Grammy Award-winning musician Hunter Hayes helped Rachel jumpstart her singing career. She accepted a regular gig at La Reggia Restaurant in New Jersey. She also sings with a jazz trio in a New York restaurant on weekends. 
Last year, she also started accepting hosting gigs, like the respective shows of M.Y.M.P. at Columbia University, South Border and Sarah Geronimo, both in New York. More recently, Rachel did a show with Geneva Cruz at Bistro Filipino in Queens, New York, which will have a repeat this month. 
“I wouldn’t have done this if my kids were smaller,” Rachel grants. “If I still have a pre-schooler, there would not been a chance for me to sing again. I now have time for myself. Everything just falls into place. Who would have thought that all of this would happen now?” 
Rachel, who turned 40 last June, admits she sees things differently now. “They say that when you turn 40, you tend to worry more about yourself,” she says. “You focus on your looks and worry more about getting older. You tend to turn psychotic, too. But I have a different outlook. I get to enjoy life more now that I’m 40. It’s reality.” 
She doesn’t look her age, though. Hip, blooming, youthful and sexy, Rachel can hardly be mistaken for a 40-year-old. “When I was in Las Vegas recently, I even got carded,” she beams. “I wasn’t allowed to play Black Jack until I showed my driver’s license. It’s not something to be upset about, but something that’s flattering enough.” 
Last year, Rachel returned to Manila and reinvented herself for a solo album, Cool, under Manna Records. The CD contains varied tracks, plus her own compositions that include songs for her mom Annie (Part of Everything) and husband John (There’s Love ). 
Rachel is happy she can fulfill her passion with the full support of her family. “My kids now understand me better why I have to go back to Manila,” she offers. “They look at the calendar and count the days when I have to be away from home. My husband is also very supportive. He gives me so much freedom and showers me with so much love.” 
She is also grateful to her mom, who is behind her every endeavor. “I wouldn’t have done this if not for her,” Rachel affirms. “She was a big influence in my passion for music. She takes care of things for me when I’m away. She helped me raise my sons. She was there to share with us every important moment in our lives.” 
Rachel attests it’s tough to be mom to four boys. “There are days when they suck me dry or they play with my emotions. They can be rough. You have to have a lot of energy to be able to take care of four sons. But my eldest son, Max, is very considerate. He tells me I need a break so I need to go out with my girl friends.” 
White Christmas will be at “home” in Bergen County, New Jersey, where Rachel will spend it with her immediate family. The best part, she insists, is decorating the pine tree all together. 
“To be an effective mother, I have to be a happy person,” Rachel allows. “Then I can be a happy wife and lead a happy life.” 
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