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Dingdong & Jessa: What's the real score?

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Ding Dong Avanzado & Jessa ZaragozaFUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
March 25, 2009 12:00 AM

Barely a week after they marked their eighth wedding anniversary (March 18), Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza are rumored to have broken up. Since neither Dingdong nor Jessa has spoken up — that is, until Funfare contacted them yesterday — there are speculations that a “third party” has something to do with whatever mess the couple is in. Could the “culprit” be Rachel Alejandro, Dingdong’s ex? The two recently had a concert together.

“Yes,” admitted Jessa during a phone chat, “Dingdong and I are having a problem and we are trying to solve it. But we are not separated. Pinaiiral namin ang pagiging Christian namin not to let anybody break our marriage.”

Jessa was silent when asked if Rachel is involved in the problem. You see, according to Funfare sources, Rachel has been sending text messages to Dingdong “in the wee hours of the night” even long after their concert. Naturally, being the wife, Jessa has a reason to be disturbed.

Added the Funfare DPA, “Up to now, Rachel is keeping a framed photo of Dingdong in her bedroom. It was there even when she was going steady with Lee Robin Salazar (now her ex).”

Asked if she’s jealous of Rachel, Jessa said not really.

“In fact, their concert together wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t give Dingdong my consent.”

The Funfare DPA said that there’s a “bond” between Dingdong and Rachel that is strictly between them, and not even Jessa knows exactly what that “bond” is.

“In fairness to Dingdong,” the DPA said, “he has always been and will always be faithful to Jessa. It’s not his problem anymore kung may ibang babaing na-a-attract sa kanya...as long as he doesn’t get ‘tempted.’ What’s bad is if he’s the one making the move. E, hindi naman ganoon.”

Based in California with their six-year-old daughter Jayda, the couple is here while Jessa is finishing her new album. But they are going back to California where they will have a concert together end of next month.

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