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The stars ask: Forgive me

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The stars ask: Forgive me DIRECTLINE By Boy Abunda
April 08, 2009 12:00 AM 

I am spending Holy Week in Boracay with my partner Bong Quintana, my nieces Lani and Ethel, my nephew Jake, my friends Eric Santos and Leo Puri. Nanay is in our rest house in Lipa, Batangas, while my sister Mana Fe decided to stay in Borongan, Eastern Samar. Nanay who stays most of the time in Borongan was not keen in going to Boracay. In Lipa, she is close to the church of Our Lady of Mediatrix where she often goes to pray. And she’s surrounded with an abundance of beautiful flowers and green plants she enjoys talking to, and she will have enough space for her morning walks.

Dulce: We’re spending it in Villa Escudero. It is bonding time for us. As a believer of Jesus Christ, we all know that all sins are forgiven when we receive Jesus as personal savior and the Lord. It’s like singing, “Ako ang nagwagi, ang kasalanan ko’y kanyang binawi. Ako ay pinatawad niya, tunay na malaya na.”

Bobby Garcia: I am spending it with the family enjoying the quiet of Manila. Maybe go to Tagaytay for a few days. If I were to ask forgiveness, it would be for sometimes asking for more when already God has blessed me with so much.

Mariel Rodriguez: I am in Singapore during the Holy Week. My good friend lives there and it’s good to see old friends.

Sitti: I went whale shark watching in Donsol. I am spending the remainder of Holy Week at the Family home in Las Piñas like we always do. I would ask God to forgive me for all the sins I have committed, for the moments of self centeredness and all those times when anger, resentment, and ungratefulness resided in my heart.

Arnold Reyes: I am in Boracay with my friends. I would ask that the Lord forgive me for not always being a good son. I believe that to dishonor one’s parents is to dishonor the Lord. “From whom all things come and to whom all things shall return.”

Manny and Pie Calayan: Our family is spending Holy Week in Tagaytay. We will ask forgiveness for everything we have thought, said and done that might have hurt others.

Moy Ortiz: I am spending Holy Week at home. I refuse to be stuck in traffic or with huge crowds. I am spending Holy Week as a time to re-group, assess and rejuvenate physically and spiritually. I will ask forgiveness for my quick temper. I’m still work in progress.

Gerald Madrid: We spend Holy Week at home. It is a tradition. I would ask forgiveness for failing to celebrate the Holy Mass regularly.

Ai-Ai de las Alas: I am home during the Holy Week with my children. Dun lang ako nakakapagpahinga ng mabuti. Sarap matulog sa sarili mong kama.

Dawn Zulueta: I would ask forgiveness from God for my impatience and lack of tolerance for the shortcomings of others. I can be very critical. I am going to Pearl Farm with my family and in-laws. We enjoy it there because it’s home and my son has been asking me to take him to the beach.

Martin Nievera: There are so many things I have done in my lifetime that need forgiveness. But if I were to choose, it would be my selfishness. I would ask God to forgive me for putting my needs and impatient dreams ahead of family, love, and worse in front of Him. This haunting guilt that steals my joy and disrupts my quiet time has filled my head with accusing voices and my heart with bags of sand. So now how can I hear His voice or enjoy another one of His sunsets if all I hear is blame, regret and all I see is in black and white? I need God’s forgiveness so that, I too can forgive myself for all of the above. Then and only then I can stop to smell the roses without pricking my finger trying to find the perfect one.

Bianca Gonzalez: I would like to ask for forgiveness for all the time I don’t get to go to Sunday Mass, for the times I am at Mass but my mind wanders off, and for the times I forget to pray at night before sleeping. Personal spirituality is so important and so when I fail at these little acts, it does make me feel bad.

TinTin Bersola: I will ask forgiveness from God when I can’t find it in my heart yet to forgive those who may have caused me pain and hurt all through these years. We will spend Holy Week in Manila. Dito kokonti ang tao.

For the times that I would doubt and question, I ask the Lord to forgive me.

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