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The truth about John Lloyd & Ruffa

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The truth about John Lloyd & Ruffa FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
June 05, 2009 12:00 AM

It started a few weeks ago during a birthday bash for somebody who’s with I Love Betty La Fea, the recently-concluded ABS-CBN soap in which Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz were among the topbillers.

According to a Funfare DPA who was with the “in” group, John Lloyd has a tendency to “pass out” when he drinks, even if moderately, so before it could happen — horrors! — in a public place like the uppity club where the party was being held, Ruffa acted like a good big sister and escorted John Lloyd out, making sure that he got home safe.

That’s when tongues started wagging, especially since John Lloyd has a history of falling for women older than he is — to a 26-year-old when he was “sweet 16” and, before the rumor linking him to Ruffa, to Jean Garcia with whom he starred in the ABS-CBN soap Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. Jean, who is more than 15 years John’s senior, insisted that she and John Lloyd were, ehem, “just friends.”

Fresh from the shoot of the Star Cinema movie In My Life in the tri-state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut (with, among others, Vilma Santos and her son Luis Manzano), John Lloyd, almost 10 years Ruffa’s junior, said during the recent presscon for Biogesic (one of his endorsements) that there was nothing romantic between him and Ruffa and if ever they went out it was always in a group (like the I Love Betty La Fea birthday-bash gang).The truth about John Lloyd & Ruffa

The rumor persisted because John Lloyd had just broken up with fashion-magazine editor Liz Uy with whom he went steady for more than four years. It was Liz who is credited for making John Lloyd “fashionable.” As the Funfare DPA aptly put it, “Liz reinvented John Lloyd from his Baclaran style of dressing up to a cosmopolitan one. Dati, baduy si John Lloyd manamit.”

Was there any third party (definitely not Ruffa) in the break-up?
”None,” added the DPA. “What I know is that Liz (now on a pleasure trip in Europe with friends who include Anne Curtis) really did everything to make the relationship work. She once told me, ‘If you only knew what I had to go through’...”

As he warns everybody in his Biogesic commercial, all Funfare can say to John Lloyd is, “Ingat!”
Ruffa can relax now that John Lloyd has spoken.

Asked what the real score is between her and John Lloyd, Ruffa sent Funfare the following text message: “No score. JL already cleared me from any issue regarding him or his personal affairs, so I don’t want to sound like a broken record about it. What’s true is that Yilmaz is planning to fly in SOON, in the next week, or so, to visit (our daughters) Lorin and Venice after more than a year of not seeing them.”

Hmmmm. Is there any possibility of her and Yilmaz Bektas reconciling (even if Yilmaz is rumored to be dating a former Miss Universe from Venezuela)?

“I don’t think so,” said Ruffa in a phone chat. “But we communicate regularly. When he comes, Lorin and Venice will stay with him in a hotel pero hindi ako sasama sa kanila. It will be bonding time for them.”

Yes, it’s true: Ruffa has filed a petition for custody of the kids while the divorce case between her and Yilmaz is pending at a Turkey court.

Although she’s celebrating her thirtysomething birthday on June 24 yet, Ruffa will have an advance birthday bash tomorrow, June 6, at the Women’s Crisis Center at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City. As everybody knows, Ruffa has admitted being a battered wife.

Then on June 20, Ruffa will host an intimate birthday dinner.

By then, Yilmaz should be here.

Asked if Yilmaz is coming actually to be with her on her birthday, Ruffa blushed, “Grabe!!!”

Which is tantamount to a resounding “Yes!”

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