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Should Kris run in 2010?

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Kris Aquino while delivering her farewell-thank-you speech during a requiem Mass for her mom, former Pres. Cory Aquino, at the Manila Cathedral.FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
August 06, 2009 12:00 AM 

If elections were to be held today and Kris Aquino would run for President, I’m very sure — 100 percent sure! — that she would win by a landslide.

You see, if she could move the whole world to tears and win everybody’s heart with the emotion-laden farewell/thank-you speech she delivered yesterday morning at the requiem Mass for her mother, former Pres. Cory Aquino, at the Manila Cathedral, I’m sure that she could, without really trying, sway the people into giving her a resounding vote of confidence.

And besides, didn’t Tita Cory once tell her that Kris reminded her of her late husband, calling Kris “the female Ninoy Aquino?” No wonder Kris said that she’s Tita Cory’s favorite daughter even as she admitted having given her mom the most “headaches” which were outweighed by “the most joys” that Kris gave her.

Everybody (those who were at the Manila Cathedral and those at home watching the proceedings on TV) was titillated by the possibility of Kris’ running in the elections — the earliest being 2010 — when, toward the end of her speech, Kris, addressing her brother, Sen. Noynoy Aquino, said that it was the two of them on whose shoulders has fallen the task of continuing the legacy of their parents, later promising Noynoy to give him all the support he ever needed if he decided to run again.

Kris Aquino while delivering her farewell-thank-you speech during a requiem Mass for her mom, former Pres. Cory Aquino, at the Manila Cathedral.But somewhere in her speech, Kris also mentioned that when somebody broached the idea of her running for a public office, Tita Cory cautioned her, “Kapag naging simple ka na” (Only if you become simple) — that is, like Tita Cory who shunned branded clothes and high living even if she could easily afford them.

Kris’ reply? “Mom, matagal pang mangyari ‘yon. It would take time bago ako maging simple.” Said in all candor. Very Kris Aquino.

Would it take a lifetime, the same time frame Kris said it would take her and her siblings “to be okay” after their mom’s death?
She had a confession to make, addressing Tita Cory: “I lied to you, Mom,” recalling that a few days before Tita Cory died at the Makati Med where she was confined for more than a month and died of the colon cancer she bravely fought for more than a year, Kris assured her that she and the rest of the family were okay.

“I lied. No, we’re not okay. It would take a lifetime for us to be okay.”

Saying she couldn’t imagine life without her mom, Kris would surely miss the little things that mean a lot.

“Wala nang magti-text sa akin ng ‘Congratulations!’ when my movies make money o kaya ‘I’m proud of you!’ everytime she watched my shows.”

Like most families, Kris and her siblings would also miss Tita Cory most during happy occasions. That’s when they would intensely feel Tita Cory’s not being there.

Now, could it be true that Tita Cory also, among other habilin, reminded Kris and her husband James Yap not to separate?

What actually happened was that Kris and James had a spat last Holy Week and Tita Cory, as usual, helped patch things up between them.

“My mom told James, ‘Be more patient with Kris.’ And she told me, ‘Be more humble’.”

“I lost my No. 1 supporter,” said James of his mom-in-law who would pray the Rosary for good luck before James’ every game.

James is leaving today for Tianjin, China, to join the Power 8 Team Pilipinas in the Asian Qualifier for the World Championship games. “Mom always reminded me na kapag naglaro ako, dapat ibigay ko ang lahat para sa bayan.”

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