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Tayong Dalawa's curtain call

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Coco Martin (left, with direk Ruel Bayani and Gerald Anderson): Filipino values reflect in the story. — Photo by Allan SanconBy Bot Glorioso
September 18, 2009 12:00 AM 

MANILA, Philippines - Even if televiewers look forward to watching ABS-CBN’s Tayong Dalawa night after night and episode to episode, the nine-month-old soap is coming to an end. Yet, there seems to be a lot of questions popping up as to how the story will wrap up.

When shall brothers Ramon (Coco Martin), JR (Gerald Anderson) and Dave (Jake Cuenca) come face-to-face to finally reconcile? Will Ramon soon feel the love of his mom Marlene (Cherry Pie Picache)? Will Audrey (Kim Chiu) find real happiness and peace with husband JR? Will Dave and Ingrid (Agot Isidro) complicate the situation? What will happen to Audrey’s aunt Angela (Jodi Santamaria) who was kidnapped by Nico’s (Ping Medina) group?

The answers are uncertain until the finale night next Friday, Sept. 25.

What’s definite are the good times the cast shared, the bonding moments among Jodi, Coco and Gerald during a set visit in one of their location tapings for the last few episodes of the show. They talk about an acting tip or two they got from co-stars Gina Pareño and Cherry Pie. The trio have also laid their mixed feelings of joy and sadness on the table.

“As the show nears its end, we are happy because we have kept viewers’ interest for nine months,” Jodi says. “And at the same time we are saddened because we will definitely miss each other.”

Jodi’s role as Aunt Angela has somehow brought her and Kim closer even offcam. Thus, talking about anything and everything under the sun is a breather for them during breaks.

”Kim is a very private person. We just talk about friends and work but not really on a personal note. I don’t give unsolicited advice except of course if Kim asks for it,” Jodi relates.

But her role as a supportive aunt reflects on how Jodi would come pronto to comfort her loved ones during troubled times.

“Definitely, I will be there for my friends or family. Karamay nila ko kahit saan,” Jodi relates.

That’s why she always checks on her family — especially on her son Thirdy — even if she’s at work. She, too, never forgets the value of education as she tries to do her assignments on the set during breaks. Jodi is a fourth year high school student at Southville International School. Hard work and determination, she says, are two things that enable her to do good in whatever she does either as an actress, a student or as a mom.

Coco, on the other hand, values everything he has learned from his co-stars especially Gina who plays Lola Getz in the show.

“I really admire Gina Pareño when it comes to her acting style, talagang lahat detalyado alam nya kung kelan tataas at bababa,” Coco shares. “She even teaches me what to do every time we have a scene together.”

That’s why Coco can’t help worrying when the cameras start grinding.

 “I have my own style at sanay ako sa indie na basta kung ano ang maramdaman mo sa karakter yun ang bibigay mo,” he explains.

What lessons will his character Ramon impart to televiewers?

“As Ramon I represent the typical guy who wants to get his parents’ attention kaya nagseselos ako kay JR at nag-rebelde ako,” Coco replies. “Young ones should think that their parents love their children equally. Siguro maraming Ramon sa atin na ganun ang isip kaya nagrerebelde.”

Gerald agrees.

“The Filipino values clearly reflect in the story — yung pagmamahal sa pamilya, kapatid at paggalang sa kapwa,” Gerald says.

Thus, he finds his role similar to his ways as a son and brother who will do everything for them.

“Seventy-five percent of my being Gerald is displayed on the show, 25 percent lang ang akting dun kasi di malayo ang ugali ni JR as a Filipino guy,” he affirms.

And what he will miss most in the show?

“The three times a week taping days really got us closer. Surely, I will miss all the bonding moments, the mentoring days with direk Ruel (Bayani), Tita Gina and Miss Cherry Pie,” Gerald replies in his deep baritone.

“Yeah pati boses ko naiba na compared to early taping days. Sa nine months dami nag-bago,” Gerald quips.

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