Body Talk with Anne Curtis

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Anne CurtisFUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
April 16, 2010 12:00 AM 

That Anne Curtis is more than just a pretty face is amply proven by the Best Actress award she got in the 2008 Metro Manila Filmfest for her performance in the war romance-drama Baler as a mestiza who falls in love with an indio (played by Jericho Rosales).

That Anne is a box-office star in her own right is confirmed by Star Cinema’s Babe, I Love You, her latest movie (still showing nationwide) with ex(?)-boyfriend Sam Milby; and will, for sure, be validated by her next movie, GMA Films/Viva Films’ In Your Eyes, with Claudine Barretto and Richard Gutierrez.

That Anne is an in-demand endorser is a given. In Folded & Hung, she reconciles with Sam but only, if we are to believe them, on the billboards, he for the brand’s male apparel and she both the female apparel and for the perfume line A Series (consisting of four scents: Innocence, gently fresh with a hint of cucumber and melon; Muse, delightfully-warm vanilla; Ingenue, tropical-fruity; and Stargaze, classic).

anne curtisIt was Sam who acted as Anne’s knight in shining armour by bodily covering her when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a “live” telecast of the ABS-CBN noontime show A.S.A.P. XV in Boracay last month. (Warning: The photo of Karylle with her right breast exposed, taken at the same affair, was confirmed to have been “doctored.”)

What lesson did she learn from that “malfunction” (other victims of similar “accidents” include the late Didith Reyes during an awards night, Janet Jackson during a New York concert and Katherine Heigl while receiving an award last month) and what piece of advice could she give other girls?

Anne said, “Be extra careful!”

How do you cope with your hectic schedule?

“Growing up in the business has helped my body clock adjust to sleepless nights and early call times. So I’ve taught myself to take catnaps which help me get through the day. But when I feel that I’m getting too tired, I ask for a day off or a vacation.”

How do you take care of your flawless complexion (especially when you’re out in the sun)?

anne curtis“I like to get a tan, but I make sure I don’t burn myself. So I use sunblock underneath my tanning oil. Then after staying under the sun, when after I take a shower, I make sure that I apply lotion and moisturizer on my skin.”

Any other beauty regimen?

“I don’t really have one. I just make sure to always remove my make-up and then I moisturize.”

What kind of diet do you follow?

“Well, the way I diet is usually by cutting down on carbs which doesn’t help with long nights because anything potato is my comfort food. So I always have ‘pig-out’ days. I never deprive myself of anything that I love to eat, fattening or not.”

What’s usually for breakfast?

“If I’m up for brekky, I like an omelette, toast, beef tapa or chicken tocino with a glass of orange juice or apple juice.”

What’s for lunch?

“I like sandwiches or pasta.”

What’s for dinner?

“Pasta, salad or any chicken or beef dish with vegetables or mashed potatoes.”

Food that you always crave for.

“Potatoes (potato chips, French fries, potato salad) or chocolates.”

anne curtisFavorite drink?

“I like my share of soda but in the morning I like to have coffee. I’m fond of espresso.”

Snacks in-between?

“Chips and dip or gummy lollies.”

What vitamins and/or supplements do you take?

“I don’t usually take any but when I feel a bit sick I take a couple of Fern-C’s.”

How much water do you take per day?

“Three to four glasses but I know I should take more especially in these hot, hot, hot days.”

Do you have time to work out?

“When I can, I try to do yoga and to jog for a little bit.”

What sort of workout do you do?

“Yoga and mostly cardio.”

Part of your body that needs improvement?

“My arms. They need some toning.”

Most vulnerable part of your body?

“My tummy. It’s easy to gain but at least quick to lose.”

Favorite part of your body?

“ legs. They are not exactly long, but I like the shape.”

How do you cope with stress?

“I do deep-breathing and keep quiet.”

Do you meditate?

“In my own way, I do. I just keep quiet and let my thoughts wander.”

Listen to music (favorite singer)?

“The list would be endless but I’m listening to Stars a lot now.”

Watch movies (last movie that you saw)?

“The last movie that I saw was Babe, I Love You. But I did see WALL-E last night on DVD.”

Read books (last book that you read)?

“Just finished The Shack. I’m now reading The God of Small Things.”

Favorite city?

“I found Rome, Paris, Mallorca and Barcelona beautiful.”

Where do you go (favorite hideaway) when you want to get away from it all?

“I like to discover new places when I travel so I have yet to choose one.”

Outlook in life, worrier or optimist?

“This year I decided to be optimistic and not entertain any negativity.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“If I’m lucky, four to five hours.”

Favorite sleep wear?

“Big T-shirts or nighties.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?


Do you snore?

“I was told that I don’t.”

Do you talk in your sleep?

“Yes, and apparently, I laugh, too.”

Do you sleepwalk?

“Haven’t yet.

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“I pray.”

First thing that you do when you wake up?

“Go back to sleep. Hahaha! I usually go straight to the shower.”

How’s your nightlife?

“When I have a free day, I like to meet up with my friends and catch up.”

Your love life (real score about you and Sam)?

“I’m currently single. Sam is and always will be someone very special to me. But for now we’ve decided to just remain friends.”

What turns you off in a guy?

“Immaturity, can’t carry a conversation, no sense of humor and lack of backbone.”

Name three men you think have nice bodies.

“Sam Milby, Derek Ramsay and Benjamin Tang.”

Three women you think have bodies as nice as yours?

“Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera and Kristine Hermosa, although they are far more blessed than I in other parts of the body. Hahahaha!”

Using only body language, how would you make a guy know that you admire him?

“I can’t stop looking and I get very awkward. Almost frozen. Which is totally opposite of my personality, as I’m such a warm and bubbly person.”

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