Fans up in arms for Charice amid weight gain criticisms

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Chariceby Rowena Joy A. Sanchez
Manila Bulletin, May 26, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – Supporters of international sensation Charice stood up for their idol against those that criticized her appearance in the finale of the second season of "Glee.”

Despite heaping praises for her performance on the show’s May 25 episode---for singing the original ballad “As Long As You’re There” and sharing a heartfelt reconciliation with Lea Michele’s character (Rachel Berry)---many observed that the young recording artist had gained weight.

Comments on Twitter related to the matter ranged from blatant queries (“Bakit ang taba ni Charice?”) to blunt comparisons (“Charice looked like a moon-faced midget…” and “Ikaw na ang pambansang Siopao ng pilipinas…”).

Other netizens, however, overlooked the physical and opted to praise her for her performance, saying, “Her solo moment was superb!” and “And that song (‘As Long As You’re There’), gamit na gamit buong range niya!”

Meanwhile, those that defended Charice noted there was nothing wrong with how Charice looked.

“Who cares about Charice's weight for as long as she's healthy. Besides she carries it well, simply adorable. Love you, Charice :) #Glee,” tweeted a fanatic of the 18-year-old singer and budding actress.

Many stressed that people should not make a big fuss out of the issue.

“I dnt know why Charice's weight is so much of a big deal. How about Mercedes (‘Glee’ cast member Amber Riley) and the other girl? It's being able to sing good that matters!” one exclaimed.

Other posts read:

“People that are concerned about the weight and the way Charice looks - are more insecure about themselves than anything. She's beautiful.”

“I personally think all this focus on cha's WEIGHT is ********. I mean, is it really that serious? #charice”


Another netizen appealed, “not totally against ‘:charice need to lose weight’. its not that serious yet so, stop pressuring her as if its end of the world already.”

While there are those who support Charice despite her appearance (“For me: she looks healthy and happy. I will support her all the way no matter what her weight,” as stated by one netizen), some aired concern about the Laguna native’s health.

“Charice doesn't need to be skinny but IMHO she needs to watch her weight & work out,” said one.

Another netizen, meanwhile, deemed that the hype about Charice’s weight is an apparent proof of her stature.

“You know someone's a STAR when even a slight weight gain snowballs into a national/international issue. #Charice,” the tweet read

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