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nora2011by Joey Aquino
People's Journal Online, July 28, 2011

AFTER several postponements of her homecoming, fans might be losing interest in Superstar Nora Aunor’s return.

Her last minute cancellation even resulted in online polls asking whether people are still interested in her.

A US website had a survey asking them if they were either a Vilmanian or a Noranian. 68% answered they were Vilmanians while the 32% were Noranians.

In another poll survey of a local TV show which asked whether they were interested still in the Superstar coming home, 88% of the total respondents said no.

Meanwhile, Ate Guy’s confidante German “Kuya Germs” Moreno denied he had a hand in the decision of the former to reset the date of her return. Kuya Germs even promised to assist Ate Guy when she arrives even providing her with a car and a place to stay in while in the country.

But is there still much interest in her? Just asking…


TROUBLED Diamond Star Maricel Soriano was reportedly hiding in Europe but said she did not leave the country at all but is confined in a hospital.

She was diagnosed with alcohol intoxification and confined at the presidential suite of a hospital. It is said only her doctor and nurse can enter her room.

In other reports, it is said she had her name changed in the hospital records.

This new issue came as a surprise even to her closest friends like celebrity stylist Ricky Reyes.

Maria’s problems won’t stop until she faces the charges against her by her former housemaids.

Will the Diamond Star concede to a hospital arrest? Just asking…


THE feud between talent manager-comedian Ogie Diaz and TV host-DJ Mo Twister is becoming too personal.

In Mo’s tweet last July 22, many were shocked as Ogie’s mother was even included. “Everyday is a blessing. Unless you’re a disease spreading like a reporter/political failure whose mother’s upcoming death will be celebrated.”

Ogie tweeted back saying, “Ngayon ko naiintindihan ang manager at parents ni Rhian Ramos kung bakit mas pipiliin nila ang career kesa love life nito.”

Did Mo treat Rhian’s mom this way too? Just asking…

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