Camay Girls all in a row

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ent1zBy Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star August 6, 2012 12:00 AM

What do Gloria Romero, the first Miss Universe (1952) Armi Kuusela and Bella Flores have in common?

Would you believe that they were all Camay Girls?

I didn’t know until Funfare’s “other beauty expert” Celso de Guzman Caparas submitted to me the honor roll of Camay beauties of the ‘50s as a belated nod to the Women’s Month last March.

“When we say Camay Girls, the names that come to mind are Paquita Roses and her daughters (by the late Armando Goyena) Maritess Revilla and Cita Revilla, fashion model Tina Artillaga, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Claudia Bermudez and Donna Cruz, and Bb. Pilipinas beauties Sara Jane Paez, Jennifer Pingree and Anjanette Abayari,” wrote Celso. “Unknown to many, Camay Girls made waves way, way back in the ‘50s composed of acclaimed film stars such as Rosa Rosal, Nida Blanca, Virginia Montes, Norma Vales and others. A number of them would reign supreme as movie queens for decades.”

Celso recalled that Camay soap was first introduced in the US in 1926 and in our country in 1950, made by the Philippine Manufacturing Corporation (PMC), the future Procter and Gamble. Because of its high-profile status, the first box of Camay soap was sent to then Pres. Elpidio Quirino.

Added Celso, “Although the production of Camay soap has been discontinued, the images of legendary beauties who endorsed the beauty soap still linger in our hearts and memories.”

One of the beauty soap’s last TV commercials starred Tina Artillaga, hair windblown, her right hand holding in place a wide-brimmed hat as she stood on a sailboat, with the voice over saying, “Ang lahat ay napapalingon…” Remember?

Celso made the following gallery of Camay Girls of the ‘50s including beauty tips featured in their ads:

• Carmen Rosales — “Every woman who wants to be lovelier will be delighted with Camay’s new fragrance!”

• Tita Duran — “Ang matatapang na sabon ay walang mainam na bango…maging kaibig-ibig sa pamamagitan ng lalong mabangong sabong Camay!”

• Arsenia Francisco — “Yes, it’s true. Your mirror will show you a smoother, softer complexion …thanks to Camay!”

• Norma Blancaflor — “Harsh soaps lack fine perfumes…be lovely with extra-fragrant Camay!”

• Gloria Romero — “Beauty demands a lovely complexion. And I’ve discovered Camay complexions are loveliest!”

• Tessie Quintana — “Lovelier complexions begin with extra-gentle Camay. Harsh soaps leave skin rough…use Camay for a lovelier complexion!”

• Delia Razon — “Camay’s exquisite new perfume keeps me lovelier much longer!”

• Myrna Delgado — “New Camay’s fragrance lasts for hours! Definitely alluring!”

• Tita Muñoz — “Loveliness begins with extra-fragrant Camay!”

• Sylvia La Torre — “A screen star’s complexion must be perfect for close-ups, and Camay helps keep it perfectly lovely!”

• Bella Flores — “Close-ups reveal my most outstanding charm — my Camay complexion!”

• Nena Cardenas — “Camay’s new fragrance is so flattering. Only this new perfume has such flavorful sweetness!”

• Armi Kuusela — “Camay ang aking pampagandang sabon. Ang kasiya-siyang bula nito ay kawili-wili sa kutis. Sa bawa’t babaeng nais na maging higit na kaibig-ibig, Camay ang aking ipinapayo. Gamitin ang higit na suwabe, higit na mabangong Camay gaya ng ginagawa ko, para sa kutis at pampagandang pangligo!”




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