Jodi to son Thirdy: Tito Jolo is not daddy Jolo

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jodismby Maridol Rañoa-Bismark 
Yahoo OMG Philippines, Nov. 29, 2012

Jodi Sta. Maria has a way of keeping her son, Thirdy, from getting confused when he sees his father, Pampi Lacson and her rumored boyfriend Jolo Revilla on separate occasion.

“I don’t keep secrets from my son,” Jodi said at the press conference for her newest endorsement, CosmoBody. “I tell Thirdy that Tito Jolo is Tito Jolo. He’s not Daddy Jolo.”

Good thing Thirdy is a bright boy who this early knows the ways of showbiz since Jodi takes him to the set sometimes. He knows “Tito” and “Tita” are commonly used in the industry and are signs of respect, not of blood relations.

Jodi also shields Thirdy from wagging tongues in school by making sure she goes there herself—to drop him off, fetch him and attend various events. Jodi’s estranged-husband Pampi Lacson, takes over when she can’t make it.


“I set boundaries,” explains Jodi. “Ako ang pumupunta sa school ni Thirdy para walang chismis.”

The boy and Jolo’s son by former girlfriend Grace Adriano, Gab, are almost the same age. In fact, Thirdy and Gaby are schoolmates.

So Thirdy knows where he stands in his Tito Jolo’s life. Doesn’t the boy get jealous when he sees his mom and Tito Jolo together?

“In all fairness to Jolo, he doesn’t cross boundaries. Alam niya kung hanggang saan siya. There’s no reason for Thirdy to get jealous,” Jodi replies.

The boy knows mom and dad can’t be together anymore, but he doesn’t know why. Jodi thinks it’s too early for her to tell him the reason why she and Pampi split up two years ago.

“I’m just taking the cue from my son,” Jodi relates. “I’ll tell him the reason when he starts asking.”

Keeping fit

Like most single moms, Jodi is moving heaven and earth to make sure Thirdy has a secure future. She invested in a bar with some friends at Eastwod City. The star of “Be Careful with My Heart” is back to her ideal weight of 105 lbs. after losing seven to eight lbs., thanks to the right diet, exercise and CosmoBody.

“I can now buy clothes off-the-rack,” Jodi crows. “Dati, pag may close-up shot sa mukha ko, okupado ko ang buong screen.”

Now that her schedule is full, Jodi can’t go the gym daily anymore. A personal trainer visits her at home instead so she can maintain her 32-25-35 figure.

The effect was not lost on Jolo.

“He’s happy at what he sees,” Jodi beams.

No wonder her smile can light up a room and her eyes glow with joy.

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