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By the Entertainment staff
Philippine Daily Inquirer
April 30, 2013 | 9:11 pm

PIOLO Pascual: Secure
Is there another war brewing between a network’s News Team and Prized Personality?

PP had infamously squabbled with NT when it was under a different head. PP was unhappy with the way a public event was covered and vehemently expressed displeasure.

A spy says NT recently irked PP once again. To get even, PP made sure to send an exclusive tidbit to a Rival Program—depriving NT of the “scoop.”
Was that also a reward for RP’s “cautious” handling of a recent explosive situation? Did PP feel that NT was too harsh?
Or was it a way to make up for a booboo? RP had to wait for a long time while PP prioritized NT during interview sessions held the same day.
As mere mortals like us would say, it’s complicated—especially since some insiders consider PP a sacred cow.
Mouse trap

ANGEL Locsin: “Phil makes me feel… iba talaga!” photo: FACEBOOK PHOTO/F AND H
Glamorous Celebrity has a pet name for Romantic Rival. GC refers to RR as a “mouse.” That’s because GC thinks RR was a “pest” in the life of ex-Cute Beau.
GC told a pal: “CB’s career suffered when he was with RR. She’s bad news.”
GC also likes to brag that CB never stopped chasing her—even during his time with RR.
“He calls me when he’s feeling blue,” GC boasted. Did she conveniently forget that CB was usually in a drunken stupor during those times that he wanted to hook up with her?
Before and after
Veteran Starlet had been out of circulation—when a foreign program tapped her for a guest spot!
The show was supposed to be very good exposure for VS. Unfortunately, her secret was exposed on the program.

GRETCHEN Barretto: Mum’s the word.
Old photos and videos were used and VS looked completely different in those. It was pretty obvious that she had a nose job, among other enhancements.
It was a head-scratching moment for the foreign production’s staffers.

False modesty
Picked up from the Inquirer tabloid Bandera:
Stunning Celeb has a roundabout way of flaunting wealth. A mole says SC has instructed assistants to name-drop pricey luxury labels to prop up her little act.
To illustrate: At work, within earshot of everyone, her lackey would ask SC which Louis Vuitton bag should be brought down from the car. SC would then make a big show of reprimanding the underling.
Colleagues have figured out the routine and found it laughable. Busted!
Star wars
Heard on the Radyo Inquirer program “Kliq Showbiz” (dzIQ 990 AM, Monday to Friday, 3 to 5 p.m.):
Coworkers are upset with Seasoned Hunk. Leading the hate campaign is Gorgeous Starlet, who is not exactly known for being soft-spoken.
Apparently, GS has been blabbing about SH’s “unprofessionalism.” Actually, she’s speaking for the crew members, who complain that work on their show is always delayed because of SH’s tardiness.
Soon enough, the talk reached SH. One day, as luck would have it, GS and SH bumped into each other in a public place, away from the set. Witnesses report that the two snubbed each other.
Top of the Talk Shows
For those who missed last weekend’s TV gabfests (and why we are moved, if we are moved):
Sunshine Cruz on husband Cesar Montano’s alleged new eye candy, Loven Canon: “It’s no longer my business. Kasi hiwalay na [kami]. Whatever makes him happy, I’m happy for him.” (Well done. But so soon?)
Piolo Pascual, asked if he’s threatened by younger actors: “Ba’t ko pagkakait sa iba ’yung blessing na kahit paano ay naranasan ko?” (What did we expect him to say?)
Gretchen Barretto’s statement on the ongoing issue with her family: “I have no answer to the possibility of a reconciliation.” (Sounds like a no.)
Inday Barretto on Gretchen: “Stop putting yourself up by putting us down… The trouble with lies is that you have to tell more lies to back it up.” (Mother of the Year. Slow clap.)
Luis Manzano, asked if he’s ready to settle down: “Ayaw ko nang magsayang ng oras. Pero… kakapirma ko lang sa ABS-CBN. Jennylyn (Mercado) has a longer way to go. I admire and respect na bago siya mag-asawa, mas-priority niya ang maging mabuting ina.” (Right. Priorities.)
Angel Locsin, asked if she’s ready to marry Phil Younghusband: “Ayoko pa talagang isipin ’yun. Masaya lang talaga kami. ’Yung happiness na binibigay niya sa ’kin, ibang klase talaga.” (Hmm, intriguing.)
Lovi Poe on why her relationship with former Ilocos Sur
Rep. Ronald Singson ended: “Aside from the distance and [lack of] time together, there were a lot of people around us whom I couldn’t deal with anymore.” (Mas intriguing ito.)
Lovi on rumors that she’s dating Jake Cuenca: “We see each other a lot but it’s not a relationship. I don’t know if you call it ligaw.” (We know, girl, we know.)
Daniel Padilla on his supporters: “Mas mahal ko po kayo. Pinipilit kong ibalik ’yan sa inyo kahit minsan kulang.” (Dapat hindi kulang, sa totoo lang.)
Marian Rivera on why she parted ways with manager of seven years Popoy Caritativo: “’Di na nagiging productive ’yung relationship namin bilang talent [and] manager, magkaibigan… Ngayon magagawa ko na ang lahat ng ninanais kong gawin sa buhay ko na ako ang nagdesisyon para sa sarili ko.” (Harsh, ’teh!)
Startalk, The Buzz

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