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Yakapin mo Ako

Yakapin mo Ako

Viva Records

Ivy was just two and ½ years old when she started singing, and was exposed to all kinds of music by her grandmother. At the age of 4, she was the lead singer in a band with her siblings, called “Ivy and the Velboys.” The group went on to perform in multiple TV and radio shows, and even won top honors at a 1958 children’s singing contest.
“When I was younger, I was always looking at how I could fit within the industry,” Ivy remembers. “Although I never dreamt of becoming a big star. I just wanted to sing and be a performer.”
In the 70s, a time when music flourished with creative talent and colorful sound, Ivy became seriously involved in the entertainment industry. She sang at lounges and performed in singing contests. Her career took off when she joined various popular Philippine bands like Royal Flush Music Society and Sangkatutak as the lead vocalist. In 1980, Ivy became a solo artist through Viva Records with her own band, 8th of September.
“As an artist, Ivy has always been disciplined,” said Rhea Espino, Ivy’s business manager, consultant and a longtime friend. “Her ‘old school ways’ are very good for her, because she is constantly looking for a way to improve herself. At 61-years-old, she exercises regularly and watches her diet. She’s very disciplined, and in that sense it has humbled her as a performing artist.”
Since going solo, Ivy has won a number of prestigious awards including the grand prize at the 4th International Midnight Sun Song Festival, the ABU-Golden Kite World Song Festival, and first place in the 1988 Asia-Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong. She became known as the Philippine’s “Festival Queen” after winning 11 top awards at international music festivals, and quickly earned respect within the Filipino music entertainment industry.

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