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Advertising in Pinoy Tiketek is simple, economical and efficient. The advertising devices that can be used to promote your product or service consists of Banners, Buttons and Tiles. These advertising devices can be placed throughout the site with the ability to target specific sections. Advertising messages can be presented in either static or animated modes. These devices can also be linked to your websites. And the internet being an interactive medium, advertising devices can be designed to solicit names, addresses and demographic data when clicked.


The most common advertising unit on the Internet, banners on Pinoy Tiketek are excellent for grabbing attentions and building awareness for your products or services. Banners can either be horizontal or vertical.

Horizontal banners (468x60 pixels) frame the top, middle and bottom of Web pages. Top banners are the very first graphic that the target audience see when they click a page. Middle banners are inserted halfway from the top of the web page while bottom banners lie at the bottom of the page.

Vertical banners (120x240 pixels) can be placed on either sides of the web page. They can present your message as the audience scroll down the web page.


This square position (125x125 pixels) is located at the top left corner of the page directly above the navigation bars. While smaller than a banner, the button is a "high" traffic area of the screen, making it an excellent messenger.


Located at the top right corner or free floating down both sides of the page, a square tile (125x125 pixels) is an excellent frequency buy.


Advertisers can also place interactive contests that can help solicit names, addresses and other demographic data from your target audience. Or these advertising devices can provide clickable links to the advertisers own website.


Advertisers, depending on the advertising package chosen, are also provided with their webpages that can contain their logo, photographs, text and directional maps, if needed. These webpages are clickable through their advertising devices.

Advertising Packages

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