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To all Producers and Patrons of Pinoy Tiketek:

First, we would like to thank you for your continued support in advertising with Pinoy Tiketek. As you know, is gaining popularity based on reported site traffics within the Fil-Oz community, not only in the nation, but all over the world as well. We started the site as a grassroots water-ground for NSW state, but as it went on, the popularity of the site became overwhelmingly well-known in each and every corner of every Filipino-Australian entertainment city. To this date, continues to grow, aiming the No. 1 Pinoy entertainment medium in the concert scenes, providing you first-rate news and the latest happenings in the Pinoy entertainment world in Australia.

Pinoy Tiketek mostly work as an event marketing website dedicated for Filipino shows in Australia. Most of the producers/show organisers are now using Pinoy Tiketek to promote their events to the Filipino-Australian community nationwide. Daily website hits goes from ~100 to 400+ a day from the Filo community looking for show informations that are currently happening on a particular state/location. Automated runs of monthly newsletter is also being sent to Pinoy Tiketek followers to let them know the shows/events coming their way. There are also social network plugins for the event pages to easily Like/Share/Tweet/Google+ a particular show that can be seen by the person hundreds of friends or followers. You can also see Pinoy Tiketek Facebook Fan Page to socially promote shows that are currently advertise at Pinoy Tiketek website.

Producers and Promoters can advertise upcoming shows/concerts/events and promoting press releases for a small fee.  One ultimate source of Pinoy Entertainment information will be beneficial to all because this will give our patrons one stop shop entertainment information that can be further link to the producers'/promoters' website.


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Fee Information

Starting 1st of April 2016, $1.00 booking fee per transaction will be charged on all ticket purchases. Event organiser may pass-through credit card charges. VISA and MASTERCARD only.
All ticket prices include GST, if applicable, and are quoted in AU$.
To get good reserve seats, buy your event tickets as soon as they become available for sale.
Tickets sold online in less than 6 days of the event can be picked up at the venue on concert date (excludes paper eTickets which get dispatch immediately to your email inbox).
If you're having trouble placing an order online, please let us know.
between 2 to 6 business days. 


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