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Online Advertising

The Pinoy Tiketek Team offers you online advertising space on on of the following sites of the Pinoy Tiketek network:



Is it worth advertising here?

Well, it is. and it's subdomains are quite popular and have a lot unique visitors and page impressions. We have set up a page, where you can see the statistics of the last 10 days (This feature not yet available).

How to start

To start your first advertisement "campaign" you need to register first. After having registered you need to activate your account by checking your registration email and following the instructions in it. After your account has been activated, it will still be pending for approvement by our team. When we have approved your account, you will receive an email message notification. Now you can log in as advertiser and order of the Online Advertisement Packages we offer.  For Event Advertising, please follow this link.

Ad Package Types

We offer 3 basic types for advertisement packages:

  • Pay-per-click
  • Pay-per-view
  • Flat Rate (monthly)

Pay per click

Often referred to as "Cost-per-Click" (CPC). The cost an advertiser pays to a site each time a visitor clicks on the advertiser's ad.

Pay per view

Often referred to as "Cost-per-Million" (CPM). The price paid by an advertiser for a web site to display their banner ad a thousand times. Each time the banner is shown counts as one impression.

Flat Rate (monthly)

A package based on time: a monthly flat rate doesn't expire after a number of page impressions or clicks, but just by time. This gives you the opportunity to have a lot more impressions or clicks compared to a CPC or CPM package.  As an added bonus, this will be included on Pinoy Tiketek Monthly Newsletter as an image link.

Monthly Flat Rate 1 Month(s)


{nicepaypal:pay|150.00|1 Month Ads||||;10}

Monthly Flat Rate 6 Month(s)


{nicepaypal:pay|840.00|6 Month Ads||||;10}

Monthly Flat Rate 12 Month(s)


{nicepaypal:pay|1560.00|12 Month Ads||||;10}

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Fee Information

Starting 1st of April 2016, $1.00 booking fee per transaction will be charged on all ticket purchases. Event organiser may pass-through credit card charges. VISA and MASTERCARD only.
All ticket prices include GST, if applicable, and are quoted in AU$.
To get good reserve seats, buy your event tickets as soon as they become available for sale.
Tickets sold online in less than 6 days of the event can be picked up at the venue on concert date (excludes paper eTickets which get dispatch immediately to your email inbox).
If you're having trouble placing an order online, please let us know.
between 2 to 6 business days. 


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